Our children take part in various sessions at the Vibe Outdoor Centre. This is an
amazing opportunity for children to develop their physical activity outside the normal day to
day school routine and widen their knowledge and skills.

These sessions are costing over £2,000 but this is covered by the school, so it is no cost to
each family.

During the sessions the children will have the opportunity to learn how to canoe, kayak and
raft build. They will also learn the skill of archery. As well as all these new skills they will also be
developing their collaboration and teamwork skills.

We believe in the importance of relationships.

Relationships affect everything from health and emotional wellbeing, to employment prospects and social mobility. We know that too often, young people start their lives at a disadvantage. We are here to change the story for young people.

At Vibe, we offer great programmes and services that support young people to build positive relationships with themselves and others, and play a central role in creating vibrant communities.

Our expert staff are trusted adults who help young people make effective decisions and to choose a positive path. We show young people the impact they can have on the world – building their self-esteem, confidence, and aspirations for the future.

We believe in a collaborative approach – sharing our learnings and best practice across areas such as research and insights, curriculum and programme design, evaluation, and staff training. Our ambition is to continue to build the National Network for Teenage Relationships – by working in partnership, we know we can support more young people together than we could alone. We’re starting locally, with the Knowsley Youth Partnership  along with our partners, Centre63 and Halewood Youth and Community Centre. 


Lord Derby award programme -Year 5/6 Vibe Trip – November 2022

Our Year 5/6 children took part in The Lord Derby award programme. Well done to our Year 5 children for achieving the purple award and Year 6 for achieving the pink award! As part of the awards given they attended an outdoors activity trip with Vibe.  See the wonderful photographs below!