For information about how we are keeping our staff and our children safe during the Covid-19 crisis, please see our Covid-19 Trust Support page

Our Safety Squad Team

Our safety squad members have the important job of keeping the children in Willow Tree School safe. This year’s safety squad members are Demi, Heidi, Jack, James and Amelia.

Safety Squad members make sure the school is a safe place for all the other children to enjoy themselves and that all our children have important information they need to keep safe both in school and outside of school.

As part of their role, they will need to:

·       Attend meetings

·       Bring ideas to the meeting that will make the school safe

·       Feedback information to their class – ask their teacher for a time to do this

·       Wear their badge so people know that they are a rep

·       Present some assemblies about how to keep safe outside of school

·       Conduct walks around school to check the school grounds


Our Meetings

In our first safety squad meeting we discussed their role and responsibilities for this upcoming year and then began to make a list of some of the things that the children would like to do during the Autumn Term.

Our focus for the Autumn Term is:

  • Create posters to remind parents that dogs are not allowed on the school grounds and explain why this is important.
  • Plan and deliver an assembly about Mischief Night and how we should behaviour during the Halloween and Bonfire Night period.
  • Conduct a safety walk with Mrs. Riley and Mr. McArdle.
  • Support sensible parking around school during the morning and end of the school day.
  • Decide where to put our ‘No Parking’ poster


Take a look at our ‘No Dogs Allowed’ Posters