Breakfast Club

It’s important for your child to eat something nutritious each morning to re-fuel for the busy day ahead. Breakfast is an ideal opportunity to eat foods which are rich in B vitamins, folate, iron and fibre.  Skipping breakfast may affect your child’s concentration or leave them feeling ‘fuzzy’. This is because the brain is starving for energy and needs fuel from nutritious foods like grainy bread, breakfast cereals, fruit and milk so it can function at its very best throughout the day.

Childcare and breakfast provision

This option allows parents an early drop off at school that provides the pupils with time to socialise and play with structured care and a nutritious breakfast ranging from a choice of cereals, bagels and spreads at a cost of 50p per child, per day.  To take part in this option, parents must book this via Arbor before 4pm on Thursday to book in for breakfast club sessions for the week ahead. Payment must be made in advance via Arbor.

DayTimeRun By
Monday - Friday08:15 - 8:45Mrs V. Lee & Mrs C Corrigan

After School Clubs

We offer a varied range of after school clubs throughout the academic year that cater for all year groups. We work closely with Everton in the community who also deliver two of our clubs each week, as well as our amazing staff.

Spring 2024 After School Clubs


Spring 2024 Day Year Group Pupil Numbers Teacher
SAT’s Club Monday Y6 30 max. Miss. Moulsdale
Drama Club Monday KS2 30max Mrs. Williams
Dance Club Wednesday Reception/KS1 30max EITC
Choir Club Wednesday KS2 30 max. Mrs. Walton
Multi-sports Thursday KS2 30 max. EITC
Mindfulness Club Thursday KS1 30 max. Mrs. Johnson
Reading is Fun Friday KS1 30 max Mrs. Sefton