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Home Learning

Home Learning Area

Please click on the link below to see the Home Education Pack for Willow Tree Primary School. Inside this pack will be information on activities we would like you to complete and some useful websites you can use at home.


Update Friday 5th May 2020

Please find below a range of different home learning activities and resources.

  1. A range of resources for all ages and different subjects.


2) BBC Bitesize website will be launching a free daily lessons, from Monday 20th April, in core subjects for ages 5-14 combined with programming. The website itself will be expanded with more ideas for lessons and activities for different age groups but there will also be a series of 20 minute lessons for different age groups and subjects every day on BBC iplayer and/or the Red Button.


3)A range of music websites and even a blue peter competition.


4) Below are a range of music resources and even a competition that pupils can take part in.

BBC School Radio-Some great resources here with video/audio downloads for Early Years, KS1 & KS2.

 Bring The Noise-Free primary school music, songs and resources for all.For EY and KS1 with plenty of activities, tips, games, warm ups and ideas to try at home.

Out of the Ark- These are currently offering 7 free songs for use at home, with downloadable resources and ideas for other activities. These are all suitable for KS1 & KS2.

Blue Peter Music Badge- This is surprisingly easy to earn and the badge is designed by Ed Sheeran!


Mindfulness is a great way to help look after our mental health; it means quieting the mind and giving full attention to the present moment. There are believed to be lots of benefits such as improving our ability to focus, to stay calm and to help regulate our emotions. Below are some ideas to help your children practice mindfulness at home.



Please click on the link below to see the home learning sheets for our current topic  and our next topic. On these sheets you will find the what you are learning about, key vocabulary and home learning activities. Please use this time to work through the home learning activities, using resources you have in the home and the home learning log.


Please click on the links below to download English and Maths work packs. This work can be completed in the home learning logs. These activities will be updated regularly by the class teacher

EYFS Activities

Year 1 Activities

Year 2 Activities

Year 3 Activities

Year 4 Activities

Year 5 Activities

Year 6 Activities