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The Eco Committee has a very important role in school to help us be as Eco friendly for our environment as we can. The Committee is currently made up of eight very committed Y4 and Y5 pupils who are going to be working very hard this year with the support of Miss Doyle so that the school can apply for its first Green Flag Eco Award.

Eco-Committee Job Description
As the Eco-Committee, it will be our job to work with the other children in our school to make it a more environmentally friendly place.

As part of this you will need to:
· Share ideas in half termly Eco-Committee meetings (lunchtime)
· Carry out an environmental review to measure our school’s performance against Eco topics
· Help create a plan for how we can make Willow Tree eco-friendlier in the next year
· Speak to other members of the school community, which might include parents, governors, pupils, and teachers
· Bring ideas from your class to the meetings and also feedback what we have discussed
· Be willing to speak in school assemblies
· Help write articles for the newsletter
· Help the school be more energy effective during its daily running e.g., switching off lights
· Help the school achieve an Eco-Schools Award

Our Green Team